Next-generation AI powered by minimal real-life data

Our technologies & solutions

Yield Systems is an AI company with science background.
We develop machine learning solutions for agri-food value chain enhancement and video intelligence.

Digital phenotyping

Data-efficient digital phenotyping powered by machine learning for plant breeding and decision making.

Yield modelling

Understanding complex interactions between plant genome and environmental conditions.

Video intelligence

Video intelligence and observation automation with deep learning.


Team specialized in statistical machine learning, data management, video intelligence, and 3D modeling.

Jussi Gillberg


Linh Nguyen


Harri Juntunen

Business development


Yield Systems milestones

  • 2012

    The Journey Start

    Our CEO: Jussi Gillberg started his PhD on Professor Samuel Kaski's research group that had developed machine learning methods for personalised medicine at Aalto University. As they went on, they found that personalised medicine and breeding domains were similar in the related prediction problems, and some solutions could be transferable

  • August 2017

    Commercialize the research idea

    Harri, Linh joined for the TUTLI project. The whole team got €480k from Finnish Innovation and Technology Fund Tekes (or Business Finland as it’s now known) to hire a team for techinal and business development.

  • October 2018

    Establised the company

    Yield Systems as a company, commenced to exist in 2018 as a spin-out from the Aalto University Startup Centre with the aim of driving forward the ambitious goal of democratising AI for plant breeding.

  • Summer 2019

    First product

    The AI-powered plant-phenotyping solution was tested in Morocco, Italy, and Finland

Latest news

  • Yield Systems attended Slush startup event
  • Yield Systems aims to have a significant sustainable impact on the global food system by democratising AI capabilities for plant breeding and speeding up the development of crop yields and adaptation »

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